cubus outperform Performance Management 8.1


The loading and response times have been significantly improved due to a new concept for the user interface. First impressions show that the software is 3 times faster and in some cases more.

User Interface

Intuitive means that it works as you expect. In a previous version we introduced a new user interface for the analysis component cubus EV. This same look and feel is now available for all Performance Management functionality. cubus outperform now has the same look and feel throughout the entire software.


cubus outperform has always been exceptional when displaying data in tabular form. This now also applies to the way data can be visualized. With the replacement of the charting engine, the most commonly used charts have been enhanced with over 50 new functions and possibilities. The new small multiple option sets the new standard in visualizing multi-dimensional databases. Despite the enhancements, the software is still very easy to use.